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On 17th May 2008 the national conference

was organized in Belweder, which is used by the Polish President and the Government for ceremonial purposes. More than two hundred representatives of farmers, local governments, scientists, non-governmental organizations came to the conference. They had also opportunity to taste traditional and organic delicacies prepared and sponsored by Strzegowo and ´┐Żom´┐Ża Communities, organic food companies (Symbio, Natu, Hruby, M´┐Żun Wodny, ´┐Ż´┐Żty Cesarz, Biobabalscy) and associations (Ziarno , Ekoland). After conference the ´┐Żom´┐Żanie vocal group gave the great performance of traditional Polish folk music. We invited great lecturers as Mae-Wan Ho (the director of the The Institute of Science in Society and geneticist from UK), Janusz Wojciechowski (MEP, Vice-Chairman of Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development in EP), Prof Stanislaw Wi´┐Żckowski and others. The conference was a big success and many people involved in activities concerning preserving traditional seeds.

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